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Busy Start to the Year!
Liam starts the year finishing Blur, a high profile run of shows with Prince, TCT @ RAH, Sundance London Film Festival, Joel Compass, some one offs with Bombay Bicycle Club and UB40 and a short Barry Manilow UK Tour.

After a brief stint in Eighth Day's warehouse in January, a quick trip to Japan for the final Blur shows, it was time to move quickly onto the hit n run tour of London & Manchester with Prince.
Liam supplied technical services to Eighth Day, looking after FoH and recording systems in the form of a KT DN9696 and a Protools system all fronted by Midas DL431 Mic splitters which simultaneously fed the combined FoH & Monitor Heritage 3000, piloted by Jason Robinson & Jules Hepple. also working on the soundcrew were Adam Draper and Stuart Wright.
Once this was completed it was straight onto the planning and execution of the Teenage Cancer Trust Shows @ The Royal Albert Hall, A week long Benefit festival that Liam has designed the PA for several years for. Working alongside the rest of the Entec Crew; Ed Hammond, 'Welsh Kev' (Kev Smith), Magic(in his last freelance gig before starting as dept manager at Entec) and Kedge (James Kerridge). 

Next up was rehearsals and promo for up and coming R&B artist Joel Compass, whom Liam has been providing engineering and technical services to for several months, mixing monitors in rehearsals and FoH on shows, with TM Mark Portlock babysitting the monitor console on the shows, when he isn't busy doing TM stuff. Equipment supplied by Encore PA, Liam and Mark according to availability.

With no rest in site, Liam moved swiftly onto taking care of Sundance London Film festival on behalf of Eighth Day, taking care of Q&As and intros to the films in several cinemas in the O2 Cineworld complex.

Managing to squeez a couple of one offs in with Skindred, Bombay Bicycle Club & UB40, working for BCS Audio, in the capacity of system tech looking after their recently acquired Kara rig on two of the shows and rigging the Vdosc on the other.

It was then Back to Eighth Day to start prep and off for a couple of weeks as system tech for the Barry Manilow UK Tour, which marks the end of what is effectively a three year run for the guys on that, with Liam working alongside the core team for the second time since it began.
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