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Blur Tour finished
Blur Tour rolls to an end in Tokyo after nearly a year on the go

After beginning a worldwide tour back in March 2013, with the intention of not playing any shows in the UK, the rollercoaster finally came to an end at Tokyo's Budoukan Arena on the 14th January 2014.
Over the last 10 months we have visited Mexico, USA, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Japan and a variety of European Festivals.
Having now completed several tours of varying durations with Blur over the years, it was a little sad to see it come to an end.
I have to say it has been one of the most enjoyable tours I've been engaged on, looking after the FoH systems and consoles for Matt Butcher, with Dave Guerin on Monitors and Adam Draper running stage and looking after D onstage. 
Backline crew of Stu Lowbridge, Steve Prior and Alex Mcartan, all headed up by PM Joel Stanley, with assistance from Vikki Walker, and Holly Sandeman. Craig Duffy was TM.
Thank you to everyone for a fun time, just wish we could've done more shows! 
Good luck to everyone and hope to see you all soon!

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