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Joel Compass Supports Rudimental & J Cole
Joel Compass, An up & coming R&B Artist, has been supporting Rudimental and J Cole on UK shows with Liam providing tech support, specifying a Focus RedNet Dante System onstage and performing Mix duties during rehearsals and shows.

With a number of computers providing playback, Keyboard/FX sources and multitrack Recording duties, and in Discussion with Mark Portlock, TM/Engineer, it was decided to make use of a Focusrite RedNet 2 unit to reduce the number of soundcards and expand the options for multitracking the shows.
We had three playback computers initially, which would have all required soundcards, DIs etc, so we decided to make use of Dante Virtual Soundcard and put all of the Audio in one unit, in monitor world.
We then ran Direct outs of the live inputs into the Rednet and patched all the performance machines and live machines into another laptop running Reaper to record the whole lot.
This system exceeded the initial brief, was cost effective to set up, and proved nice and reliable The recordings came through with a nice clean character and could be useful for archive, performance review and possible release later.

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