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Please have a look around the site as there is a bit more information about me, a Blog I try to post to when there is something worth saying and a few client resources.

I am working on building this site into a resource for Audio Engineers along with giving a bit of insight into some of my more recent or high profile shows. 

I planning to build up a catalogue of links to useful information and products that I use and recommend.

Please check back soon to see how it's progressing.

In the meantime, I have expanded the 'About' section to include links to press releases that I have featured or been mentioned in, and added a calendar to show my availability. I have also made this area home to my standard terms of business to allow clients easy access to this information.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss bookings for tours/installations or service.


By the way I'm using this accounting software, It's pretty good and geared toward Freelancers. Give it a go...

 FreeAgent Small Business Online Accounting

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